"...an accomplished graceful teacher."

"She is devoted and immersed in the practice and brings that to her teaching..."

"Lori's class always gave me exactly what I needed..."

"I started taking Lori's classes while I was new to yoga and she was new to teaching, so as much as she shepherded my growing practice as part of her flock I witnessed the start of her journey as a yoga instructor and watched as she blossomed into an accomplished graceful teacher. I remember that Lori always taught with a quiet respective competence making complicated postures seem within reach no matter what level of students she was instructing. She uses clean simple language that is respectful of alignment without being overbearing. During the years that I have known Lori, she became not only one of my favorite teachers, a respected colleague, but a lovely genuine friend as well. "
-Debbie Vignovic

"After a stressful day at the office, after 30 miles on the bicycle, or any other situation, Lori's class always gave me exactly what I needed."

-Paul Richards


"I was a private student of Lori's for almost 7 years in Pittsburgh. I loved that her approach to teaching is very wholistic. While on the mat we not only focused on the physical aspects of yoga, but incorporated the spiritual teachings as well. When I started my practice with Lori, I had just had a knee surgery - she really understands anatomy -and we were able to build up my strength and facilitate healing. She is devoted and immersed in the practice and brings that to her teaching. She also has a practical understanding of how to take what happens on the mat out into your day to day life. I have learned and developed so much from our practice together."

-Laurie Kudis